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Meet the Staff

mark-cross-ea-about-photoMark Cross EA is beginning his 34th year in the income tax business in Osceola County and retains many of his original clients today.   He provides tax services, business consulting, IRS representation, and problem resolution.  He is a real estate broker, reviews investments and oversees tax free exchanges.  Mark has formed tax exempt organizations and filed for their determination letters.  He has set up Political Action Committees and provided political consulting services to many candidates and elected officials on the local, state, federal, and presidential levels. His clients include individuals and corporations from all over the world and all walks of life.


Joan1Joan A Coppedge is an enrolled agent.  She spent 30 years with H & R Block as a Master Tax Advisor and 5 years with a CPA firm.  Joan was a tax instructor for many years and handles all types of business and personal income tax returns. She is a board member of My Life Chip, Inc.  She has three children, four stepchildren, and 2 grandchildren. Joan has many interests.  She likes to go birding with the Audubon Society, traveling, and likes to listen to that old time rock and roll.  Locally she can usually be found at the bowling alley in pursuit of that perfect game.



Sherrill Gordin has worked with Mark for the past 23 years as the office manager.  Sherrill is the first person to greet you and is always quick to visit with clients and makes everyone feel like home.  If you are dropping off or picking up you will talk to Sherrill.  She does all the notary work for the office.  She handles all the receptionist, secretarial, filing, bookkeeping, and the ordering of supplies.  If you need an appointment Sherrill will always try to fit you in. Sherrill is very efficient with her scheduling.  She takes advantage of every minute and keeps Mark busy.  Mark has been known to scribble a name in the appointment book when her back is turned just so he can get a short break. For those of you who don’t know, Sherrill is Mark’s sister-in-law.  Mark has been married to her sister Anna for 25 years. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AnnaCrossAnna Cross works part time when things get busy.  She has been involved in the tax business for over 25 years. She for a major tax franchise as a receptionist and then went to tax school and learned how to prepare taxes. She worked her way up to assistant office manager.  Prior to starting this firm Mark and Anna worked for the same major tax franchise.  Mark was the office manager when Anna was hired as his receptionist.  They began dating in 1994 and were finally married four years later on January 1, 1998 because Mark kept pushing the wedding day back.  Why did Mark take so long?  Why January 1?  If you ask, he will tell you it just made a little more sense from a tax planning perspective.  Legend has it that the extra refund due to the filing status paid for the wedding.  Now that’s a dedicated tax man!


ParkerGordinParker Gordin is Sherrill’s miniature schnauzer.  He will usually come to work with Sherrill when her husband Phil is not at home.  Parker is energetic, active, intelligent, and very loyal to Sherrill.  He works part time during tax season. Parker usually stays behind his gate with Sherrill near the reception area.  When the office is busy, he will be out front to help greet the customers and entertain the kids.  Sometimes Parker’s brother Kona will come to visit.  Kona lives in St Petersburg with Sherrill’s daughter but every now and then he will come to the office.  Parker and Kona have a great time catching up on the family news and playing together.  It is fun to watch Sherrill walking both of them at the same time.  Even when his brother is visiting Parker takes his job very seriously.  He considers it his sworn duty to let you pet him and/or rub his belly.  Parker is one of the two most popular people in the office.


Spot12Spot Cross is a red piebald dachshund. You will usually find her in the corner by Mark’s desk, curled up in her bed.  Her official name is “Spot, The Wonder Dog”.  And she sure has lived up to her name.   Mark and Spot used to walk about five miles per day, which was a big factor in Mark’s weight loss over the past several years.  Then, several years ago she became paralyzed with a ruptured disc and couldn’t move.  Anna and Sherrill rushed her to the emergency doctor in Winter Haven.  The surgery was very successful and Spot has made a great recovery.  She is averaging about a mile a day now, but is still building herself back up.  When the weather is warm she loves to run on the golf course behind the house and hunt for lizards.  Spot is Mark’s shadow and little  buddy and follows him everywhere.  She is a great asset to the office.  Spot will win you over with one of her looks and a wagging tail.  And besides, how can you ever resist those eyes?


Our Mission Statement

You are more than a client.  You are family.

Our mission — We provide you, the client, with personalized, professional, and confidential services at all times with a commitment to excellence.  We help you get the full refund you are entitled to while complying with all Internal Revenue Service laws and regulations.

Our goal — We set the standard for tax preparation and IRS representation by ensuring you receive the highest level of accuracy and tax law knowledge, prompt preparation, immediate filing, affordable rates, and personal customer service.

Our belief — We view every client relationship like a partnership and truly believe that our success is a result of your success.  We believe the best advertising is a referral from our existing clients, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.

Our promise – We will continue to invest time and resources in professional continuing education, state of the art computer technology, and foster client relationships in order to carry out our mission.

Our smaller size and family orientation allows us to offer our services with the personalized touch that every client has come to expect. We are strongly dedicated to a relationship-oriented approach that puts our clients’ interests above all; always delivering the highest quality finished product in a timely manner.  We recognize that taxes can be very stressful and we want you to rest assured that you are in very capable hands.